Colored Flame Torch Kit

Torch kit lights with color flames of red, green, blue and gold.
Torch kit is designed for replacing paraffin torch canister of the bamboo torches in the market. Torch Kit is composed of one plastic torch canister(380ml, 12.8fl.oz fluid pre-filled), one torch wick and metal flame guard. This torch kit is perfectly fit for the standard bamboo torch basket in the market. One torch canister with 380ml fluid filled burns upto 3 hours on average. Instead of normal flame, light up your party and events with our colored flame torch kit.  Colored flame torch makes your party and events more fantastic and splendid. By combining unique colored flames with citronella oil, our colored flame torch keeps your event festive and insect free. Just insert the wick into the metal flame guard, screw it on the torch canister and drop it into the basket of bamboo torch.


Simple Torch with Color Flame

This torch is made of stainless steel and it has self-weighed base. This free standing torch can burn upto 2 hours with 2 bottles of torch fluid(900ml, 30fl.oz). The flame height can be reached to 40cm. Is height is adjustable from 1.5 to 2meter. It is good for your outdoor event or garden parties.

Colored Flame Torch Fluid

Torch fluid is designed for torch products such as bamboo torch or other torch appliances. Each torch fluid burns respectively red, gold, blue, or green, issuing citronella scent for anti-insect. It has enough oxygen in its molecular structure so that almost no smoke are issued while burning. Torch fluid's packages are 380ml(12.8 fl.oz.), 900ml(30.4 fl.oz.), 20L(5.25 gallon) and 200L(52.5 gallon). Torch fluid shall be used together with our torch cotton or hemp wick for maximum desired flame effects. Torch fluid is classified as dangerous goods(HAZMAT) due to its lower flash point. Its classification is Class 3, Packing Group II, UN1993, Flammable Liquid .


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